Welcome to Preschool!

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The Early Learning Center’s open-ended preschool program prepares children to use their intellect and creative abilities in all future learning tasks.

We offer children an environment in which to develop their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional well-being in a playful, social environment designed for interactive learning. Children are eligible for enrollment without regard to race, sex, religion, or ethnic background.

Children must be potty trained to be eligible for our 3, 4, and 5 year old programs.

Potty training is not required for our 2 year old Parents’ Morning Out program.

Call us for more information: 703-369-5880coloring
Children are challenged by learning goals…
  • To begin to read, we must first gather meaning from the world and awareness of concepts.
  • To gather meaning from the world, we must gain sensory experiences, touch, feel, smell, hear, and see. This is a prerequisite for developing our minds.

When children enter their preschool room in the morning, they are greeted by their teachers and then given the freedom to explore various learning activities and interest centers that were prepared before their arrival. These centers change constantly.

Special things for special days – and each day is a special day.

Time and room to explore, to experiment, to discover.
Perhaps a story.
Or quiet music.
Or a gradual approach to rhythmic activities and dancing.
A time of crawling, jumping, growing like flowers or blowing like the wind.
We go outdoors to run, jump, and walk on narrow boards.
Time to grow.
Time to play.
Time to be a child.

Sometimes a brief period of whispers.
A quiet time.
A savoring within of good feelings.
Involvement time when there is a very special closeness
Between child & child.
And between teacher & child.
A child’s time.
A magic time.